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Langkawi WildLife Park

Welcome to Langkawi WildLife Park

“Warmest Greetings from Langkawi WildLife Park!”

Langkawi is Malaysia’s fable “Island of Legends” recently dubbed The Jewel of Kedah State by the Sultan himself because of it unique 99 magical islands with beaches to choose from the public Cenang to the reclusive Datai beach. Hidden away beaches you must take an adventures boat ride.

5 years a go yet another unique tourist attraction sprang up, the Langkawi WildLife Park was open to visitors officiated by the honorable Chief Minister of Kedah, Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Syed Razak Syed Zain on 24 December 2002. Touted as Asia’s First Fully Covered WildLife Park, visitors can leisurely walk along roof covering walkways – entirely till the shopping outlets, 365 days Rain or Shines we are sheltered.

We also had our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad with wife gracing our place on the 24 January 2004. Fascinated with the Bird of Prey on his arm with cameras clicking away with out fear what so ever as the White Bellied Sea Eagle is as tame as a domestic pet and only weighs 1.5 kg.

Set on a 23,000 sqm (5.5 acres) of land along Jalan Ayer Hangat, is just a 10-minute drive from Kuah Town (8.5 km) and mere 1/2 an hour travel from the Langkawi International Airport (30 km). Come and discover the world of wildlife with natural rain forest setting and quite relaxing really. With the hundreds our planet’s rarest and most beautiful feathered & furry creatures greeting its visitors when one stroll through tropical landscape gardens, depicting over 150 different species from a round the globe namely South East Asia, South America, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Russia, China and homeland Malaysia.

Our most honored GUEST came unofficially, the present Sultan of Kedah – KEBAWAH DULI YANG MAHA MULIA TUANKU ALHAJ ADDUL HALIM MU’ADZAM SHAH IBNI ALMARHUM SULTAN BADLISHAH on 10 February 2007, as an animal lover His Highness made known of it with His Highness gentle touch & affection given to them through out his tenure thus far. The love birds or budgerigars came in the droves to hand on his soft palm feeding away mullet seeds (sambau) followed by the excited KEBAWAH DYMM SULTANAH HAJJAH HAMINAH (Queen) too offered the little birds her royal palm. His Highness came very close to the 8 foot Ostriches; however they are only interested in the shredded cabbages & greens for a tea break snack. The cute mouse-deer’s is His Majesty’s favorite creature accepting cherry tomatoes & long beans offerings, & just another small information, it is a Goat’s family species plus unusually can conceive again just after 45 minutes of giving birth to a fully developed fawn?
The WildLife Park exhibits are actually designed to closely resemble nature’s habitat especially for bird watching plus a place to escape from an urban life style & unwind with ease. Just sit next to the Walk in Aviary’s 15 meter man-made waterfall and take in fresh green ions for a relaxing equatorial setting watching the ducks clean their feathers & Uganda’s National bird – the Crown Crane display its hue of magnificent.

In the 20 enclosures designated for interaction and close up approached for the school students where we have a mixture of species starting with a cordial Bear Cat (Arctictis binturong), Tropical Giant Squirrel (Ratufa affinis), agile Pigtail Macaque (macaque nemestrina), nocturnal Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang), playful Leaf-monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus), smallest Dama wallaby (Macropus eugenii), very shy ‘Pandan’ Civet Cat,  Native ‘Batik’ Pythons, Silver + Lady Amherst’s Pheasants, Buffy Fish & Malayan Eagle Owls, Australian Palm Cockatoos, Cream colored & local Squirrels, all for your enjoyment to feed and feel. Mind your fingers!
New Phase II (500 sq m) has a very open concept setting of the largest flightless birds from Africa, South America, Iran Jaya & Australia plus a walk in domesticated Rabbits pen, blue green & white Pea fowls spacious cage, 2 ponds with fresh water Arapaima from Amazon - biggest river fish & no less the Japanese Koi which eat almost anything it can swallow which is tasty definitely including – so no oily fries please….

Finally after some 55 minutes stroll you will find the Birds of Prey Eagle Section appetizing - for this exquisite tourist attraction, come face to face with the carrion eaters, the entrails eating Vulture from South Africa, South East Asia’s bountiful scavengers the Brahminy Kite (“To the tribes of Iban, it is the Bird - God of War”, the bird’s presence is an omen to guide the tribe in major decisions such as warfare and house building) and ‘Sungai Kilim’s White Bellied Sea Eagle (daring but a must try for once, have it perch on your arm, photo taking is free of charge with your own camera at certain section), gloves provided. Professional photos corner is also available for those wanting a momento. Stand or still as you like and watch The Great Indian Hornbill do a courtship dance with its partner.

Opening Hours

Open daily from 8.30 am until 6.00 pm (ticket sold till 6.00 pm.)

Park will close for visitors at the latest by 7.30 pm.

Upon prior request we can open our doors earlier or close later for you convenience via a call or in writing for tour groups.

Admission (Published Rate)

Rate (RM) Adult Child
Published RM 28 RM 18
Mykad Holders RM 15 RM 10
Student Rate ** RM 10 (Secondary) RM   8 ( Primary)
**School groups must come with legit official letters thus it can be properly accorded & given accordingly

Marketing Department

Ms. Hamzani Sales Assit Manager    012-9938553



Web page:

Office telephone no.:
604 9665855 & Fax no.: 604 9661855
Integrated Tourism Facilities - Conservation (environmentally conducive)


Park’s Recent Developments
several successful conservation breeding- Healthy New babies
2 nos. mouse deer newly born 12 + 15 days old, one more maybe god knows as they conceived after 45 minutes upon giving birth…amazing
1 no. Green Winged Macaw - 2 months with full feathers under observations
1 no. Painted Stork - 4.5 months in the 1 acre Aviary 20 meter height well created habitat
1 no. Pig tail Macaque – 55 days old and yet still clinging on the mother, actually very ‘Manja” depending so much on parent.
1 no. Long tail monkey 4 months sometimes close with mum other times swing around.
10 nos. Rabbit Kittens of few weeks old, need more attention hence kept in the quarantine behind and we have nurse making very sure.
3 nos. Pea fowl – 2 year old and quite matured. Hundreds of tilapia fish frays in the aviary pond that is of course natural. 30 little ducklings which were bought several days back for the coming holiday attractions. Finally we got 2 week old quail chicks from the pet shop 38 nos. altogether.

We do not really have many exotic species as they are taken from the wild unwillingly hence presently relying on the common ones that are more economically sustainable. Used to buy from legal suppliers again its debatable.

Education (documentation),

at every enclosure has informative signage in English & huge framed posters of in-depth picture explanations. Feed them with fresh fruits, seeds, vegetable and provided by us at a small token of RM 2.00 for 3 items. Potato chip and junk food is not too healthy so we discourage the bringing in of such products.

Children will want to see and touch them so that is the idea, get them to learn real time. Adult will still get to savor the surrounding landscape and surprisingly find out there is more than image, have some laughter, enjoy stress free ambiance and sample the dragon fruits…

Recreation (Interaction)

Get the pores agitated as the serpent slides over your body and hairs on ends. Cuddle the lovely soft bunnies, feel the little finger of primates. Have a moment with king of the sky plus share a close up photo with it to take back and show your friends. Meet the tallest bird in the world you have ever seen but behind the railing as it has a pretty strong front kick. Feed Donald ducklings your hands so… so… so… ticklish…..

Other Information
In house guiding is only available upon request, do please check with the ticketing counter as Mr. Iqbal & Ms. Anie must be there first, they are the ones with the finest.

Other Features plus shops
as for those hunting for a quick or filling bite and thirst quenching beverages after their exploration the park, can visit the cozy café inside, and outside as there are 2 stations. The stomach or the eyes are bigger?

Shop for Duty free items at the DFZ Zon and be enchanted.

Meanwhile for those with a passion for shopping spree, they can take a look at our Duty Free Complex that sells Chocolates, Cigarettes, Liquors, Apparels, Dinner Sets, Batik, Bird Souvenirs, T-shirts, Shoes, Traveling Bags & etc.

Natural Stones & Pearls Gallery
One of the most appropriate choices, take you pick as there are some many to look at just for you love ones, no doubt you will find it there.

Having a tied Back
The massage chair is only RM 2.00; however please get the tokens from the ticketing counter.

Upon purchasing the Entrance Ticket you will be issued with Cash Vouchers – Shop at the LBP Souvenir Shop, Just next to the Café out side.
RM 12.00 discount when you buy RM 30.00 & more

RM 18.00 discount when you spent RM 40.00 above.

This kind of deal is worth the thought as you can choose and combine the item in a single receipt and the discounts are yours.

Writer: John Teoh
Photo taken by Harry Wan

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