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The main island of Langkawi is only one of around a hundred islands, and no trip is complete without visiting some of the breathtaking outlying islets and atolls, with their spectacular beaches, rock formations, flora and wildlife. We operate in a remote area and  keep numbers low to ensure you really feel  Stardust’s exclusivity.

Eco Adventure Day Cruise

A soft adventure 2 in 1 cruise that incorporates the richness of the mangrove habitat with the scenery of the outer islands. Why buy two separate tours when you can see both environments in one trip for the same price? Our mangrove exploration (around 1 hour) coupled with our Eco Adventure Day Cruise combines the two most popular recreational tours in Langkawi in one sensational, rate busting day out.


 - mangrove trip
 - eagle feeding
 - visit neptune's well, langkawi's only hidden salt water lagoon and Langun sand spit, a curious beach with water on both sides.
 - lunch on board Stardust
 - swimming and drag netting
 - fishing
 - take the wheel and help hoist the sails
 - dolphin watching
 - fish farm visit and sting ray feeding
 - all hotel transfers, a gastronomic, mouth watering Eurasian themed buffet that mixes western comfort foods with some Asian signature dishes and open bar for cocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks

duration: 7 hours (10.00am - 5.00pm)

Sunset BBQ Dinner Cruise

Langkawi sunsets are legendary and what more perfect way to see one than from the deck of a classic, brass and varnish yacht. Sip a cooling cocktail, add a little moonlight and a star studded night sky and romance is inevitable.


 - luxury yacht cruise
 - eagle feeding
 - mangrove speedboat ride
 - drag netting
 - all hotel transfers, BBQ dinner, open bar for cocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks.
 - BBQ dinner includes seafood, prawns, fish, crab and also chicken and steak kebabs and a gourmet array of salads and local fare.

Corporate Group Events

We have handled sailing yacht, water sports events and teambuilding for some of the world’s largest companies, for more than 250 guests at a time under our brand “Island Team Works”. If you think your company might like to break its conference up with a relaxing sunset cruise, adventure day sail, or beach games, please get in touch for a quote.

Overnight Excursions

Why spend all that money on a hotel that doesn’t move when you can change the view on an hourly basis?! We offer short join in cruises of up to 2 days, or longer private charters on a variety of yachts, ranging from rustic Indonesian pirate ships to exclusive air conditioned luxury. Your voyage of discovery can take you around Langkawi for up to 4 days, or through into Thai waters – the Bhutan islands and up to Phuket on longer trips.

Mangrove Speedboat Excursions

Explore the Kilim River mangrove environment from the comfort of a speedboat. Trips last 4 hours and cost RM 150 per head adult. Why not combine your mangrove excursion with a day on a luxury sailing yacht on our cost effective, value added 2 in 1 Mangrove and Eco Adventure Day Cruise.


 - mangrove river excursion 4 hours
 - drinks, food and beverages
 - eagle feeding
 - sting ray feeding
 - crocodile cave
 - picnic lunch

Chitty Bang Bang

Privately charter “Chitty Bang Bang”, your own twin engine , varnished, “Riva” style speedboat with a capacity for up to 12 guests for only RM 1500 for 4 hours, inclusive of picnic hamper, fine wine, beer and soft drinks.

Alternatively try out our Southern Islands join in cruise incorporating the legendary lake of the pregnant maiden, snorkeling, a trip to an island waterfall, a deserted beach and a tow behind on Chitty’s inflatable dohnut!

Island Team Works

Island Team Works offers corporates a chance to break their convention with social sailing yacht programs, or competitive events focused on bonding teams together, allow groups to practice interpersonal management skills through tests of initiative that will inspire cooperation and creativity back at work. Options are varied and range from sunset BBQ cruises to car treasure hunts, amazing races, and Island water gun attacks using retired Malaysian special forces operatives.

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